(Established Under A.P. Govt. Act No. 28 of 2008)
(ISO 9001:2015, 50001:2018, 14001:2015 Certified)
Machilipatnam-521004, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Affiliated Colleges

College Name Email Website

UG Colleges

A.V.R. Degree College principal.107@kru.ac.in
Avuthu Ammi Reddy And Bonthu Malla Reddy  Degree College principal.112@kru.ac.in www.aarbmr.edu.in
Chaitanya Degree College principal.116@kru.ac.in
Govt. Degree College principal.126@kru.ac.in
Gowtham Degree College principal.130@kru.ac.in
K.T.R. Women’s College principal.136@kru.ac.in
S.L.R. Prathiba Model Degree College principal.169@kru.ac.in
S.M.R & S.G.R College principal.170@kru.ac.in
S.P. Mahila Hindu Kalasala principal.173@kru.ac.in
S.R.S.V.R.G.N.R. College of Arts & Science principal.176@kru.ac.in
Satavahana College principal.182@kru.ac.in
SAV & NVJR Degree College principal.185@kru.ac.in
B.J.T. Degree College principal.113@kru.ac.in
Sri Balasai Degree College principal.189@kru.ac.in
Sri Rajiv Gandhi Degree College principal.197@kru.ac.in
Sri Vivekananda Degree College principal.212@kru.ac.in
Syed Appalaswamy Degree College principal.216@kru.ac.in
T.S.R & E.R.R. Govt. Degree College principal.217@kru.ac.in
V.K.R College principal.222@kru.ac.in
Venkatarama Degree College principal.225@kru.ac.in
Vidyalaya Degree College principal.226@kru.ac.in
Vignan Degree College principal.229@kru.ac.in
Sun Flower Degree College principal.193@kru.ac.in
Viswabharathi Degree College principal.237@kru.ac.in
Y.V.N.R Govt. Degree College principal.240@kru.ac.in www.yvnrgdc.ac.in
Sri Venkateswara Degree College principal.206@kru.ac.in
Annapurna Memorial Modern Degree College principal.111@kru.ac.in
Sardar Gowthu Latchanna Degree

College (S.G.L. College)

Maruthi Degree College principal.144@kru.ac.in
Sri Sai Narayana Degree College principal.199@kru.ac.in
Rajiv Gandhi Degree College principal.163@kru.ac.in
Sri Krishnaveni College of Arts & Science principal.249@kru.ac.in
P.R.P.M. Degree College principal.156@kru.ac.in
P.R.S.M. National College principal.157@kru.ac.in
Sri Vijayananda Degree College principal.211@kru.ac.in
A.J. Kalasala principal.104@kru.ac.in
Sri Balaji Degree College principal.188@kru.ac.in
Dr. Zakir Hussain College of Arts & Science principal.123@kru.ac.in
Gudrun Degree College principal.131@kru.ac.in
Vishita Degree College principal.145@kru.ac.in
Vagdevi Degree College for Women’s principal@vdcw.edu.in
Aditya Degree College principal.109@kru.ac.in
Govt. Degree College principal.129@kru.ac.in
Saptagiri Degree College principal.180@kru.ac.in
Sri Kakatiya Degree Kalasala principal.191@kru.ac.in
Sri Sai Mahitha Degree College principal.198@kru.ac.in
Sai Krishna Degree College principal.179@kru.ac.in
Triveni Mahila Degree College principal.221@kru.ac.in
Sri Kota Raghavaiah Degree College principal.192@kru.ac.in
S.K.R. Degree College principal.168@kru.ac.in
Sri Sarada Degree College principal.200@kru.ac.in
Vikas Degree College principal.234@kru.ac.in
Sreenivasa Degree College principal.241@kru.ac.in
Sri Vignana Bharathi Degree College principal.210@kru.ac.in
Nalanda Degree and PG Centre principal.243@kru.ac.in www.nalanda.edu.in
Prasanthi Degree College principal.161@kru.ac.in
Bishop Azariah Degree College for Women principal.114@kru.ac.in
Vikas Degree College principal.232@kru.ac.in
Sri Durga Malleswara Samskrutandhra Kalasala principal.244@kru.ac.in
Sri Srinivasa Degree College principal.247@kru.ac.in
Vikas Degree College principal.248@kru.ac.in
Vikas Degree College principal.246@kru.ac.in
Madona Degree College for Deaf principal.142@kru.ac.in
Sri Venkateswara Degree Kalasala principal.207@kru.ac.in
Vidyanjali Degree College principal.228@kru.ac.in
Immaculate Degree College principal.132@kru.ac.in
Sri Chaitanya Degree College principal.251@kru.ac.in
Sri Srinivasa Degree College principal.250@kru.ac.in
SSR Degree College principal.253@kru.ac.in
Janet Degree College principal.254@kru.ac.in
Government Social Welfare Degree College for Women principal.252@kru.ac.in www.swrgdckch.ac.in
Sai Ram Degree College principal.255@kru.ac.in
Sri Venkateswara Degree College principal.256@kru.ac.in
Sri Vijayananda Degree College principal.257@kru.ac.in
SSR Degree College principal.258@kru.ac.in
Sree Sai Krishna Degree College principal.260@kru.ac.in
Sri Narasimha Sanskrit College principal.265@kru.ac.in
CBR Degree College principal.266@kru.ac.in
Sri Harsha Degree College principal.264@kru.ac.in
Harshith Degree College principal.278@kru.ac.in
Sri Akshara Degree College principal.277@kru.ac.in
Chaitanya Degree & PG College principal.115@kru.ac.in
Sarada College principal.181@kru.ac.in
Nalanda Degree College principal.151@kru.ac.in
A.N.R. P.L. Arts & Science College principal.106@kru.ac.in
Rutviks Degree College principal.164@kru.ac.in
M.R.R. Arts & Science Degree College principal.148a@kru.ac.in

UG & PG Colleges

Krishna University Campus College principal.kru@kru.ac.in
Dr. MRAR PG Centre so.mrar@kru.ac.in
Andhra Loyola College (Autonomous) principal.110@kru.ac.in
Noble College (Autonomous) principal.153@kru.ac.in
Montessori Mahila Kalasala principal.147@kru.ac.in
Govt. Degree College principal.127@kru.ac.in
S.G.S. (Smt. Gentela Sakuntalamma) College principal.167@kru.ac.in
V.S.R. Govt. Degree & PG College principal.223@kru.ac.in
Sri Siddhartha Degree College for Sci.& Computers principal.202@kru.ac.in
Sri Krishnaveni Degree Kalasala principal.194@kru.ac.in
The Hindu College principal.219@kru.ac.in
D.A.R. College principal.117@kru.ac.in
K.V.R. College principal.137@kru.ac.in www.kvrcollege.edu.in
Prabhas Degree College principal.160@kru.ac.in
P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts & Science (Autonomous) principal.155@kru.ac.in
Maris Stella College (Autonomous) principal.143@kru.ac.in
Govt. Degree College principal.125@kru.ac.in www.gdcavanigadda.ac.in
Suguna Degree College principal.215@kru.ac.in
A.N.R. College principal.105@kru.ac.in
Sri Vidya Degree College principal.209@kru.ac.in
Vignan Degree College principal.230@kru.ac.in
Vikas Degree College principal.233@kru.ac.in
S.R.R. & C.V.R. Govt. College principal.174@kru.ac.in
K.B.N. College (Autonomous) principal.134@kru.ac.in
S.D.M.S.M Kalasala (Autonomous) principal.165@kru.ac.in
Gandhiji Mahila Kalasala principal.124@kru.ac.in
Vidyanjali Degree & PG College principal.227@kru.ac.in
Sri Srinivasa Degree College principal.205@kru.ac.in
Pavitra Degree College principal.158@kru.ac.in
Sai Degree College principal.178@kru.ac.in
A.G. & S.G.S. College (Autonomous) principal.102@kru.ac.in
Narayana Memorial Degree College principal.152@kru.ac.in
Sri Krishnaveni Mahila Kalasala principal.108@kru.ac.in
MRR College of Arts & Science principal.148b@kru.ac.in
S.V.L. Kranthi Degree College principal.177@kru.ac.in
M.V.R. Degree College principal.141@kru.ac.in
D.V.R. Degree College principal.120@kru.ac.in
Nova Degree & PG College principal.154a@kru.ac.in

B.Ed Colleges

K.G .P.R – A.N.R. College of Education principal.135@kru.ac.in
Nova College of Education principal.154b@kru.ac.in
Sri SNM College of Teacher Education principal.204@kru.ac.in
Vikas College of Education principal.231@kru.ac.in
Y.V. Rao Siddhartha College of Education principal.239@kru.ac.in
Sri MVKR College of Education principal.195@kru.ac.in
Viswa Vignan College of Education principal.236@kru.ac.in
Viswa Jyothi College of Education principal.235@kru.ac.in
Dr. D.S. Kothari College of Education principal.121@kru.ac.in
Prabhas College of Education principal.159@kru.ac.in
S.P.M.H. College of Education principal.172@kru.ac.in
A.J. College of Education principal.103@kru.ac.in
S.P.K.R College of Education principal.171@kru.ac.in
Prathiba College of Education principal.162@kru.ac.in
Satya College of Education principal.184@kru.ac.in
St. Thomas College of Education principal.214@kru.ac.in
St. Andrews College of Education principal.213@kru.ac.in
S.R.S.V. College of Education principal.175@kru.ac.in
Sri Siddhartha B.Ed. College principal.201@kru.ac.in
Montessori Mahila College of Education principal.146@kru.ac.in
MRR College of Education principal.149@kru.ac.in
M.N.R College of Special Education principal.263@kru.ac.in
Sri Mallikarjuna B.Ed. College principal.267@kru.ac.in
Minakshi College of Education principal.268@kru.ac.in
SS Mahita College of Education principal.280@kru.ac.in
Sri Venkateswara College of Education principal.274@kru.ac.in
S.V College of Special Education

Pharmacy Colleges

Sri Siddhartha Pharmacy College principal.203@kru.ac.in
KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences principal.140@kru.ac.in www.kvsrsiddharthapharma.edu.in

Law Colleges

Smt. Velagapudi Durgamba Siddhardha Law College principal.187@kru.ac.in
D.S.R. Hindu College of Law principal.119@kru.ac.in

Hotel Management Colleges

Westin College of Hotel Management principal.238@kru.ac.in
Indus Institute of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts principal.133@kru.ac.in
Siddhartha Instt.of Hotel Management

& Catering Tech

Asian College of Hotel Management principal.259@kru.ac.in  

Professional Colleges

The Hindu College – MBA principal.220@kru.ac.in
MRR College of MCA principal.150@kru.ac.in

Physical Education

Vijaya College of Physical Education principal.262@kru.ac.in
Vikas College of Physical Education principal.261@kru.ac.in

Sri Krishnaveni College of Physical Education

Vagdevi College of Physical Education principal.269@kru.ac.in

Engineering Colleges

Krishna University College of Engineering & Technology principal.krucet@kru.ac.in