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Rector's Message

Greetings to faculty, students and staff,

As the Rector of Krishna University, Machilipatnam, I am pleased and feel a strong sense of duty in extending my heartfelt welcome to all of you.

Krishna University remains dedicated to academic quality, innovation, and holistic development, maintaining a lively learning environment to support student growth and success.

At Krishna University, we focus on developing both the intellect and integrity of our students. Our committed faculty members serve as mentors, teaching students to reflect critically, express proficiently, and act responsibly in a dynamic environment.

We are proud of our varied academic programmes, tailored to address the changing requirements of both industry and society. By offering challenging courses, practical learning events, and research opportunities, we want to inspire our students to develop into perpetual learners and influential figures in their selected areas.

We demonstrate excellence not only in the classroom but also by actively participating in outreach programmes, collaborative efforts, and service projects within our local community. We want to have a positive influence on the lives of others by cultivating partnerships and advocating for social responsibility.

 Krishna University is committed to offering a nurturing and welcoming environment for individuals to develop and reach their full potential amidst the difficulties and unpredictability of the modern world.

I urge you to visit our website, familiarise yourself with our academic programmes, and uncover the numerous prospects available at Krishna University. We welcome prospective students, current academic community members, and visitors with open arms.

Let's begin on a path of exploration, development, and transformation together.

Warm Regards