Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that the University and its activities, achievements and awards are communicated appropriately to both the internal and external public. He shall handle activities including branding, media liaisoning in all the within and outside the university.
He / She shall be responsible for gathering news and feature information within the University, planning, drafting and writing press releases, feature articles, fact sheets, background material and other material for use in internal and external communications.  He shall be involved in developing and maintaining contacts with the relevant media, promoting the use of Krishna University personnel in broadcast and written media, and the publication of University information across all media. The PRO will have a specific responsibility for developing comprehensive internal communications, writing, commissioning and editing material for the University magazine, as well as coming forward with new imaginative initiatives to improve the flow of relevant information to and between staff.
He shall seek new and creative opportunities to exploit the considerable potential of Krishna University with the objective of raising the public profile of the University across all its disciplines, as well as enhancing the University’s reputation with better public awareness of its goals, achievements and development, in accordance with the strategic objectives of the University. He shall also perform other related duties and special assignments as directed.